Designer | Illustrator


I am an illustrator and designer based in Los Angeles, California. I work at the intersections of storytelling and healthcare, personal narrative and geographic history.


I graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2016 with a BFA in illustration with concentrations in History of Art and Visual Culture and Nature, Culture and Sustainability Studies.

Since graduating, I have worked freelance and in-house as an illustrator, graphic designer, and interaction designer for non profits and healthcare organizations including the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network and Stanford Medicine X, and the United Way of Greater Los Angeles. 

In my design work, I am interested in the how design methodologies and visual communication can make healthcare and public health services more accessible, relatable and effective for all parties (especially patients). 

In my personal work, I look to natural patterns and our daily interactions with our environments for inspiration. I often think about how a place and environment shapes our memories, experiences, and interactions.  

Please feel free to reach out!

Contact Me:
(818) 939-3959